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Convicted Brothers to Spend Year Behind Bars

Convicted Brothers to Spend Year Behind Bars

Two siblings Liboche Lesenya and Tsoanelo Lesenya were on Thursday sentenced to 18 and 12 years in jail respectively without an option of fine after they were both found guilty of murder by the High Court.

The duo was found guilty of murder of ‘Mantai Lesenya who was the wife of Liboche. Evidence before court showed that the deceased was on November 22, 2008 at Mazenod in Maseru, shot several times and killed by Tsoanelo, under the influence of his older brother Liboche, the deceased’s husband.

When passing the sentence, Judge Moroke Mokhesi stated that sentencing is a critical task adding that it falls within the discretion of the court. He indicated that in sentencing, the seriousness of the crime committed and the interest of the public are among the factors to be considered.

He described murder as a serious crime adding that when it is committed, the society’s interest is to see perpetrators receive punishment. He remarked that a lenient sentence will remove the trust of the public on the courts.

The Judge said the court disagrees with the defence that coming to court by Liboche was a sign of remorse, as it was argued in mitigation. He indicated that Liboche was not remorseful adding that the murder was premeditated. He emphasised that regretting conduct does not mean genuine remorse. He remarked that what he did was aggravated by the fact that he was a member of disciplined forces who was entrusted to ensure law enforcement and protection of lives.

He indicated that Liboche’s co-accused, his brother Tsóanelo, was only 22-yeras-old when he committed the offence adding that there is evidence that he was influenced by his brother. He stated that evidence that he was hysterical after he had shot the deceased and seen her bleeding, shows that he was still immature then.

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