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Decomposed Bodies Down Mine Shaft

Decomposed Bodies Down Mine Shaft

Wives of men who died in the shaft of one Gold mine in Welkom, South Africa are waiting for the bodies’ retrieval with the hope of identifying their husbands.

The bodies are believed to be those of nine or more illegal mine workers, casually known as ‘Zama-Zamas’ in South Africa while in Lesotho they are referred to as ‘Litotomeng’ workers.

One of the wives, Mrs. Mabokang Letsumu, who resides at St. Michaels in Roma said she was informed by her husband’s co-workers that he had passed away and he was not the first as some died three months back and their bodies were still in the shaft.

She said she has been at the mine to try and identify his husband from three bodies that have been retrieved from the shaft on Thursday but could not find him and she is still hoping that she will find him before it is too long.

She also indicated that she has been informed that there are more than nine bodies down the shaft, some of which have decomposed as they have spent about three months in the mine.

According to initial information, the miners had flu and their employer sent them some medication which they allegedly began dying one by one after taking it, but the latest information states that they might have died from hunger.

Governement statement in regard to the matter, from the Spokesperson, Mr. Nthakeng Selinyane, said it has come to the attention that there are people who are believed to have died in Welkom, and information from one relative states that they died of hunger as their source of food had been blocked.

The statement goes on to show that Foreign Affairs Ministry has sent a delegation to investigate the matter and assist in all ways possible.

Article Source: LENA

Image: Supplied

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