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Former Prime Minister Thabane Condemns Corruption

Former Prime Minister Thabane Condemns Corruption

Former Prime Minister Motsoahae Thabane has condemned corruption saying Basotho need to change their attitude and mindset in as far as corruption activities are concerned.

Speaking during the debate over the report of the Portfolio Committee on the Economic and Development Cluster on the Business Licensing and Registration Regulations, 2020, Dr. Thabane said corruption is rife among Basotho including the members of parliament and the public servants.

”We as Basotho need to change our mindset towards corruption and do things in a much more transparent and professional way,’ he stated.

Thabane who served two separate terms as the Prime, first in 2012 to 2015 as well as from 2017 to 2020 before being withdrawn by his own All Basotho Convention (ABC) party even though he is still the party leader, said Basotho will lose nothing if they could resolve to change for the better and end corruption in its all forms.

He said corruption is rife in the country that Basotho as Christians they must know better that God made the ten commandments which they all have to observe, but saying that is not the case.

The former Prime Minister noted that those perpetrating corruption are working for the devil, adding that even Christians bribe clergymen every Sunday with the money they got fraudulently.

Thabane related that he was once approached by a person whom he did not mention by name who asked him how he had managed to built his house. He said he took that person to a bank where he had applied for the loan.

He emphasised the need for public servants to be satisfied with what they earn as their salary and not demand for more using dirty tricks.

Dr. Thabane confessed that as a senior citizen in the country, he now wants nothing but the truth, adding that he would like to die peacefully knowing that he leaves Lesotho corrupt free in order to attract foreign investment.

‘I once had a meeting with U.S. President Mr. Donald Trump who many think that he is a bad person, who told me that Lesotho is still doing well to fight corruption as compared to other African countries and advised that we must fix things here and there in order to qualify for his support,” he explained.

The former Prime Minister who is currently a member of parliament for the Abia constituency hinted that he would like to retire from politics, saying he has already informed his constituency to look for someone who will replace him at Ha Abia.

However, he said they told him that they would think about it, adding that if they do not do so in time he will leave them.

Source: LENA

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