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Police Increase Call for Basotho to Handover Illegal Firearms

Police Increase Call for Basotho to Handover Illegal Firearms

Police Spokesperson Senior Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli has urged Basotho nation to handover their illegal firearms to their nearest Police station.

He mentioned that these are the weapons which are being used to perform a lot of criminal activities such as murder, armed robbery and stock theft that seem to be taking place on a regular basis within the country of late.

Senior Superintendent Mopeli showed that when people handover illegal firearms to the Police, there are no charges issued against them as opposed to when they are being recovered by the Police from them.

He pointed that about 4 firearms were recovered last week which were two point 22 riffles, one 9 millimetre and one 7.65 riffle together with 50 bullets.

The Police Spokesperson further stated that the Mohale’s Hoek Police are investigating the death of a 15 year-old who was found dead in her home in Mpharane in the same district whereby reports indicated that the deceased was recovered by a neighbour who was intrigued by an unusual smell that came from the house of the deceased.

It was explained that the deceased who is also explained to be living with psychological disability was not seen for about four weeks before being recovered dead. The Police are still on the search of the mother of the deceased in order to help with investigations.
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