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Spetzo’s More Than Just Pizza

Spetzo’s More Than Just Pizza

For Teboho Nchaba, founder and owner of pop-up restaurant Spetzo’s, wood-fired pizza is not merely a delicacy; it’s a way of life -and his business. He shares a few nuggets of running business along with his entrepreneurial journey in a competitive hospitality sector.

“We used that setback to set up our business at Ha Foso. It was also a blessing in disguise as we even bought that pierce of land. The Sefika centre only allowed us in when we demonstrated that we were already working and that the media had written about us. It is important to have a proof of concept

He started his business at Ha Foso in November 2006 before branching to Sefika Shopping Centre in July 2017. “When we started we wanted to operate from Sefika but the owners of the centre turned down our request. I assume because we did not have anything to show for it except the idea. We then operated from Ha Foso near the main road,” he recalls.

“Many people have ideas, some can show you what they want to do from the internet. But that is not enough. You need a proof of concept. Without it, it’s difficult for people to listen to u. It is difficult for people to give you their money. Get started. Once you are started and gained some momentum, there is no shortage of people who can assist you. Have a sense of initiative.”

For him to start a business, Nchaba says he reached a point where he got motivated to start one. But his mind all over the place as to which one to pursue. ”I am a Mosotho who grew up in the culture of people who complain about things they do not have to executive their ideas. It finally dawned on me to have a change of mindset by examining the resources I had and that which I could do with those limited resources instead of just saying I didn’t have this and that. The thing of entirely changing how you approach things is very important in life.”

He concedes that his idea is not a new concept, but it is about taking different existing things and doing something different with them. “Pizza is already there and so is mobility. Instead of taking a normal food trailer, I thought of a different trailer altogether. I have always liked pizza.” He says his business is enjoying enough support from the public and that there has not been a day that passed without having sold one pizza.

“It is not only about hoping to get support. We must not expect the consumer’s pity. We must strive to meet their needs. I do not want patriotic support. I want when a person comes to buy from us, they should not only say they support Basotho. They should also say they buy from here because the food is good. As much as I need it [patriotic support], I do not want to bank on it,” he concludes.

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